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An appraisal report sets forth the data considered, the appraisal procedures followed, and the reasoning employed in the appraisal. The report will address each item in the depth and detail required by its significance to the appraisal and providing sufficient information so that the client and the users of the report will understand the appraisal and not be misled or confused.

When used: This is the most requested type of report. The client can request additional information/analysis to be performed, in which case another label maybe used in describing this report. (Typically 80 to 120 pages in length)


The restricted appraisal report contains the same information as an appraisal report, but the information and data is “stated”.

When used: This report option is used most when stating the information, data, reasoning, and analyses is sufficient.
(Typically 50 to 100 pages in length)

NOTE: The client can define form, format, and style of the above reports.

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